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Today: Sep 03, 2015
Overview of Yumbe District

Yumbe District was established in 2006 when Aringa County was split off Arua District and renamed Yumbe District.The people in the district are still suffering from the effects of the civil war, which lasted about twenty years (1980–2000). The peace agreement between UNRF2 and the Government of Uganda was signed in the year 2000 in Yumbe.

Location of District

Yumbe District is one of Uganda's most northern districts. The district is bordered by South Sudan to the north, Moyo District to the east, Adjumani District to the southeast, Arua District to the south, Maracha District to the southwest and Koboko District to the west.[1] The district headquarters at Yumbe are located approximately 75 kilometres (47 mi), by road, north of Arua, the largest town in the sub-region.[2] The coordinates of the district are:03 28N, 31 15E.

Population in the district

The population in Yumbe District is mainly Muslim (76%),[4] which is a big exception for Uganda (80% of Ugandans are Christians). The fertility rate in the district is high (7.5).[5] The 2002 national census estimated the population of the district at about 253,300 inhabitants. The annual population growth rate in Yumbe District was estimated at 7.9%, at one time.[6] It is estimated that the population of the district in 2010 was approximately 300,200. See table below:

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